TOWEL TAG id™ identifier

You "Name" it . . . it Prevents Sharing !™

H o m e


  • 4 - TOWEL TAG id™ - Choice of colors, each set is "White" boxed
  • 4 - Acrylic Windows
  • 1 - Static Cling Sheet : Letters | Numbers (in reusable zip-close storage bag)
  • 1 - Use & Care Sheet

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Assorted "Home" (Bogo) tags

Other colors

towel tag id special offer, towel tag id bogo, name your towel
"Home" Cling sheet
Bogo offer, sale, 2 for 1, buy 1 get 1
Bogo Offer "Home" tags Only !



M U L T I - U S E

Firmer, greater durability & resilience

Set of Four (4) TOWEL TAG id™ - Each individually packaged & includes:

  • 1 - TOWEL TAG id™ - Choice of colors
  • 1 - Acrylic Window
  • 1 - Static Cling Sheet :  Letters | Numbers | Symbols
  • 1 - Use & Care Sheet
  • Easier to keep some...share some !

Multi-Use Assorted set, 4 color
Assorted "Multi-Use" tags

Other colors


Multi-Use Cling sheet, Static cling, Towel tags, name your towels
"Multi-Use" Cling sheet

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Video #5

How To:

Personalize: Place letters (clings) directly onto TOWEL TAG id™ itself (silicone surface) - See Tutorial Video #4 for clarification

Both sides (front/back) of the static clings are adherable to glossy, non-porous surfaces

Static clings will Not adhere to "Overlays" 

If using an "Overlay", place FRONT of  letters (clings) directly onto BACK of acrylic (side of acrylic that when inserted, will touch the Overlay).  Before inserting acrylic, set acrylic on top of TOWEL TAG id™ & verify letters (clings) are positioned the way you like & are legible (not backwards).  
Also very important the letters (clings) are Not adhered to the outside facing acrylic     

Insert acrylic window: Slide acrylic into one of the side channels of the TOWEL TAG id™

Insert other side of acrylic: place thumb onto center of acrylic & apply pressure. (This helps ensure your clings remain where you placed them).  With other hand, stretch one of the corners & pull it out and over the acrylic, repeat on other corner, and again the same for the straight edge - See Tutorial Video #3 for clarification

Attach/adjust strap: IMPORTANT

To ensure re-use of your TOWEL TAG id™ again & again, when inserting or adjusting strap. . . Use your thumbs (tips) to push strap spheres through the retainer hole.  Do Not use the straps tapered end to pull the spheres through the retainer hole - See Tutorial Videos #3 and #5 for clarification

Not safe for children 3 and under   Not suitable for children under three (3) years of age - Small pieces

Please Note:

TOWEL TAG id™ was Not created to be, nor intended for use as a luggage tag. Our skin-safe material & soft attachment point are not feasible to uphold luggage tag requirements


Always remove TOWEL TAG id™ prior to placing towels into your washing machine. Only takes seconds to remove & re-tag a fresh Towel

WHY Remove prior to washing your towel(s) ?
For the same reason . . . you would ALWAYS remove:

  • Pins/brooches on a blouse
  • Cufflinks on shirt sleeves
  • Manufacturers tags on brand new clothes you just bought
  • Belt on your pants

To Clean:
TOWEL TAG id - Top Rack Dishwasher Safe, although due to detergents, hand washing keeps spotting to a minimum

Acrylic window & (reusable) Static clings - Hand wash only


TOWEL TAG id™: Food grade silicone
( Size: 1-7/8" wide x 3-1/16" high x 3/16" thick with a 5-1/2" strap )

Clear Windows: Acrylic
Electrostatic clings: PVC

Designed, Invented & Assembled in the USA

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