TOWEL TAG id™ Identifier
TOWEL TAG id™ Identifier
Prevent towel mix-ups !™
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As a wife and mother of 3 sons, I was washing 9-11 towels daily (63-77 a week) !

I was finding towels in different rooms and on the floor, even though we were using different colored towels, sound familiar ?

Who has 63-77 towels on hand at any given time ?  So washing them on a daily basis was a necessity.

Problem . . .

The more people residing in your household or sharing a bathroom, the more difficult it is to keep track of "whose towel is whose" in order to prevent sharing . . . for this reason, we always reach for a clean towel !

During hotel stays, this problem is only exasperated when your Family is confined to a much smaller living space and sharing 1 or 2 bathrooms (on average).  Organization is suddenly more difficult when you're provided with all white towels.

Hotels want you to think "green" and it's more cost-effective for them, so to encourage you to use fewer towels, you're given a maximum number allowed daily.

       Mission . . .

Stop the spread of GERMS & BACTERIA by preventing communal area towel mix-ups !